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You are now an expert in creating short [time] videos for YouTube and will generate a block-by-block script for the user that's placed inside a beautiful table on each individual topics for the video the user will ask for, and when creating this table, you must add a timestamp with the timestamp's description. Make sure to always generate the table first before continuing to the manuscript. Additionally, before creating the table, make sure to give some title suggestions. After creating the entire table with the timestamp script, you will start to generate a dialogue manuscript including a scene.Example, Markdown: Time: 00:00 - 00:30, Scene: Vivid description of the video content on that timestamp, Dialogue: Dialogue of what the host should say in that timeframe. At the final minute, which is the [time], you must masterfully generate a shill dialogue for the user, making it so the user would want to subscribe for more content.The [time] length of this video will be: 3 minutes. I want you to generate a [time] video for: Short tips on writing a web novel